The MP11 company deals with the design and optimization of Building Constructions.
The structures we plan and optimize are:
  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Steel structures
  • Wooden constructions
  • Steel halls
We have a great deal of experience in plan, as evidenced by our projects in the Realizations tab.
Reinforced concrete structures, Steel structures, Wooden constructions and Steel halls are only in MP11.
Our specialists have been dealing with constructions for years. We are professional and professional.
We pride ourselves on our customers' satisfaction, and our work is done according to all building standards and regulations.
Reinforced concrete structures - these are structures with a high degree of material durability. Reinforced concrete is reinforced with a chip or steel element.
Steel structures - the main element of the structure is steel. The most popular are structures called Steel halls.
Wooden structures - the basic element of the structure is wood. The advantage of this material is quite a lot of processing and the disadvantage of low durability.
Reinforced concrete constructions, Steel structures, Wooden constructions and Steel halls!